We had a quick chat with one of our Mother of Invention authors, Jo Anderton.

No spoilers, of course, but can you tell us one cool thing about your Mother of Invention story?

It’s inspired by kintsugi, and I think kintsugi is cool.

If you could invent a robot or AI, what would its capabilities be?

I’m all for the self-driving cars, and I’d make sure they were actually polite drivers too. Sydney could use some of that.

What else have you published/worked on recently (or have forthcoming)?

Well, it’s completely different, but I have a children’s book coming out early 2018. It’s called The Flying Optometrist, it has the most beautiful illustrations (done by the amazing Karen Erasmus, not me!) and it’s totally unrelated to robots or AI or SFF in general. But it’s super exciting!

Jo Anderton writes speculative fiction for anyone who likes their worlds a little different. She sprinkles a pinch of science fiction to spice up her fantasy, and thinks horror adds flavour to everything. She has won the Aurealis, Ditmar and Australian Shadows awards. [Twitter]