In addition to the pieces already commissioned from our fabulous tentpole authors, we are thrilled to announce our new acquisitions from the open call submissions. In alphabetical order by story title, they are:

  • “Arguing with People on the Internet” – E.H. Mann
  • “A Robot Like Me” – Lee Cope
  • “Junkyard Kraken” – D.K. Mok
  • “Knitting Day” – Jen White
  • “New Berth” – Elizabeth Fitzgerald
  • “Rini’s God” – Soumya Sundar Mukherjee
  • “Sugar Ricochets to Other Forms” – Octavia Cade
  • “The Ghost Helmet” – Lev Mirov
  • “The Goose Hair of One Thousand Miles” – Stephanie Lai
  • “Tide Falling, Falling Tide” – Meryl Stenhouse

We can’t wait to share them with you, and we’re excited to be working with these authors. So many great stories were submitted to our book, and we were sad we couldn’t accept all the ones we loved — many of which we expect to see popping up in other publications because they were so good.

We’ll be releasing a full Table of Contents before the end of the year, including story titles from our tentpole authors and a proper running order, but Rivqa & Tansy are leaving for Genrecon today and wanted to give you this exciting news update on the project.

It’s all happening, you guys. We’re making a book!