Hi all

You haven’t heard much of us in recent months because we’ve been busy putting a beautiful book together, but now we’re on the home stretch.

This is super important: Kickstarter backers will receive a Backerkit email shortly. It’s from us. Please fill in the contact survey as quickly as you can, to help us manage our rewards delivery.

Rivqa & Tansy have been editing, juggling, proofing and generally book-building. We’re delighted with the balance of stories from our open reading period as well as our tentpole authors and we’re sending the manuscript to layout by the end of the month. YES IT’S THAT SOON.

In the mean time, we’ve also been working on rewards. Our publisher Alisa moved from WA to Canberra, knitting toy robots the whole time! Tansy’s house is now full of delicious robot tea, bookmarks, enamel pins and the like.

Rivqa & Tansy actually managed to meet in person over the summer, and assembled our top tier robot reward with the help of our surprisingly compatible children.

You’ll be getting lots more updates over the next few months, as well as actual reward delivery. We’re hoping to have everything out to you all by May… and while the paperback won’t officially be released to the public for sale until September, there are two book launch parties that you are welcome to attend… one at Continuum (Melbourne fan convention) in June and one at FREAKING WISCON in May. Stay tuned, robot friends!

Much love, and thanks for your support. We couldn’t have made it this far without you.

Rivqa, Tansy & the TPP team.